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Mission and Values Statement
Mission Statement
Vesuvius is a global provider of customized products, services and technologies that make demanding high temperature industrial applications possible.
Our mission is
- to develop innovative solutions that enable our customers to improve the performance of their manufacturing process
- to provide each employee a safe workplace where he or she is recognized, developed and properly rewarded
- to deliver our shareholders a return on their investment that allows the company to grow and prosper
Company Values
The strength of the Vesuvius offer lies in our dedication to becoming “partners in performance” with our customers around
the world. We provide world class technology and service at a very “local” level through our global network of
manufacturing, research and field service personnel. Our business model operates an adequate balance between
empowerment of local operational teams and central development of technology and practices.
To make that model successful, all Vesuvius people around the world share these common values that they adapt to their
specific culture and practice with all their stakeholders.

Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage: our creativity is what allows us to
develop innovative solutions that generate value through performance enhancements and continuous improvements.

Encouraging internal and external cooperation is an effective tool which enables us to create unique solutions with our
partners. Each Vesuvius employee is committed to the success of its community of colleagues and customers

Our solutions involve us in critical aspects of our customers manufacturing processes. Our commitment to consistently
deliver quality products and services gives them the level of confidence they require.

At the heart of our promise lies the trustworthiness of all Vesuvius employees in their acts and words. Integrity, honesty
and transparency are essential in all our exchanges.

Vesuvius is a global company built upon a true respect for local customs and experience. We recognize and embrace the
potential for creativity that comes from the co-existence of so many different cultures.


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Mission and Values Statement
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